Nov 30, 2009

An Introduction

I must be slipping at my ripe age of 23. Until last week, I never knew how much of a blogging sub-culture there was for card collecting. I've been in the scene for almost a year now, but in other subjects such as nature, geoscience and (occasionally) sports in general.

I've been collecting since I can remember, but due to being a poor teenager and the prices of cards skyrocketing in the 2000's, I had relented until I got into college, where Fleer Ultra 2007 Baseball rekindled my passion. Since then, I try to get anything from a single pack per week or at least one blaster box per month.

This all is unnecessary, so I will spare the rest of my cardboard biography. Stay tuned, whoever is tuned, and some goodies will pop up soon.

Oh, and I pulled this brute today: