Aug 21, 2010


So as some of you may know from reading this here blog, I have been planning a move to Buffalo this month to pursue a graduate degree in Geology/Climate Change/Hydrogeology at U. of Buffalo this fall.

I have reached a few snags in this process, the main one pertaining to signing a lease for an apartment, falling out with the roommates there (after paying 2 months rent) and having to find a new place.

Anyways, this past week I have been either working double shifts, spending time with those I will miss, and splitting time in Buffalo searching for an apartment with the new roommates (with, of course, a lease that starts before classes on August 30).

Well we managed to find a great place in Cheektowaga, NY; a pleasant little burb of Buffalo, and things have finally began to fall into place. I have also received my financial aid, so there is a little breathing room there right now.

The reason behind this post is that I have just not been posting lately. With all that has happened (literally) within just the month of August, card trading/buying/selling/drooling over had to be pushed aside.

I would like to let everyone know that this is only temporary. I've done the mathematics of my financial situation and have decided there may be some extra monie$ for cards whence I am settled and once again have internet in Cheektowaga. So have no fear, plaingrayswatch is not dead. Just sleepy.

**Also, I did manage to send the '00 Jeter Finest SP away for an '08 Fowler BC Blue Refractor with one of my readers, Steve.

Steve, my man, thanks for the quick-and-dirty trade. Love those Jeters and I'll savour the Fowler.

Aug 6, 2010

Friday Rock Out: The Academy Is...

Summer Hair = Forever Young

Soundtrack to the summer of 2010...

No thanks. You're ugly.

You know, I've made it a goal to chase all the McGowan cards ever printed.

But 2010 Topps red parallels?

No, thanks.

I cannot get over how ghastly these are. Just dreadful.