May 11, 2010

A New Project at APC

It's the Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card watch!

Today is May 11, 2010; and 2010 Bowman is LIVE.

As you may know, some hot shot young buck in the Warshington Nationals organization is included in this set.

As is often the case with Bowman rookie cards, and almost all cards these days; their values peak at release. I completely expect this to happen with Strasburg (except for when he throws a no-hitter versus the Pirates, eventually; and inevitably gets signed by the Yankees or Red Sox.)

So here is my plan.

His cards will be all over eBay, so every 11th day of every month, I will write up a short post on the going prices of his singles on eBay. I will use the following 5 cards:

Bowman Flagship Base
Bowman Chrome Base
Bowman Chrome Refractor
Bowman Flagship Autograph
Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph

I will post again later with results for the cards which I am currently watching.

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