Dec 4, 2009

Breaking the (PayPal) Bank

I'm a sucker for refractors.

...and certain half-Iranian, half-Japanese phenoms. I mean, seriously, a phenom. You ever see Yu Darvish pitch? It can bring tears to your eyes if you appreciate baseball as more than entertainment. If you've ever spent hours at a time practicing change-ups, 12-6 curveballs and two-seamers against a shoddy 6-piece cinder block wall.

I'm also a sucker for anything World Baseball Classic. My goal right now, aside from 2004 UD SP Prospects National Honors Jersey cards (way too long of a name) is to own a relic of every team from the World Baseball Classic. So far, I have none. In fact, aside from the navy Team USA hat I own, I have nothing related to WBC yet. Except this.

And this is a start.

Oh, and when I say "bank breaker", I mean more than $4. This beauty I definately overpaid for on eBay, totaling about $7.50 with shipping. It's rough being cheap in this hobby.

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