Dec 2, 2009

A Change of Luck.

I should know better. The luck of the hits is random, but I got spoiled. I got greedy.

In November, I decided to try my luck at '09-'10 UD Artifacts Hockey. Instantly, I was gratified. I picked up a few packs, noticing one definitely contained a hit. Sure enough, out to the Jeep and quickly held a Borje Salming jersey card in my hand. I was hooked at this point.

So I bought a few more packs.

Bang, bang, bang,

Alexander Ovechkin, Mike Modano, and Ilya Kovalchuk jersey hits, as well as a short-printed Jamie Siefert rookie thrown in.

But as we all know, luck changes. After I decided to pursue the complete set (100 cards, without short prints), Artifacts utopia came crashing down.

Eight packs later, at too high of a cost for me to mention happily, a lot of 30+ doubles, and a set completion at a paltry 55%.

But why am I complaining? Four jersey hits, three of which are not plain white swatches (although, all low-scarcity inserts) over the course of...less than 20 packs? Maybe I should stop complaining and bask in the glory of deep red Thrashers jersey swatches.

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