Jul 1, 2010

Rethinking Ginter

Back in , I was excited. I figured that even with the Topps MLB Monopoly/Exclusive License, they would at least give this one set to the collectors. Visions of dinosaurs, national flags and fierce animals (along with some unheard of, and yes, unnecessary add-ins), code breakers, classy relics and autos, rip cards...this was going to be the set of the year.

Of course, it's a 2010 Topps set, so there is scandal.

I could care less about the Strasburgs...by 2013 he'll be the guy everyone pulls in every pack (Chipper, Josh Johnson, Jorge).

World's Greatest Wordsmiths? Meh.

National Animals? Sure, but I'll grab a complete set off eBay for $10 by the end of October.

The base cards bother me. When I first saw the David Wright & company from the sell sheet back in...whatever month that was, I was excited. Some cards look great (Hawpe, A Gonz, Aaron Hill), but I wouldn't be suprised that 20% of the semi-stars cards are re-used photographs (Ricky Romero from 2009 Topps, Vernon Wells, Andy Pettitte from 2009 A&G, and ever Pujols from a previous Topps set). Seriously, how do you recycle an Albert Pujols image?

One bright side is that there is an amazing insert set known as Monsters of the Mesozoic. I want these, so if you do not, trade them/sell them/donate them to me. I have quite the affinity for dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts (dinosaurs are not even the coolest prehistoric creatures (see also: Castoroides ohioensis or the Meganuera genus).

So, my goal at completing this set, as was originally planned months ago, is pretty much cancelled. Also, my patience for Topps is quite thin at this point. This blog may become more modern hockey and junk baseball wax blog with some MLS/EPL cards mixed in.

At this point, Topps sets are just becoming parallels of one another. Same players, pictures. Different touches and borders.


  1. "At this point, Topps sets are just becoming parallels of one another."

    I've felt this way for years (Upper Deck was worse, I think), and this sentence sums it up perfectly! There's absolutely no reason Topps can't switch up the photos for a $100 box product. Makes everything seem a little less "rare", doesn't it?

  2. It really does. At least the Strasburg is a nice looking card and doesn't have the awkward motion of the Bowman FYC.

    With regards to the Blue Jays, I think Topps took about 5 pictures of each player in 2008-2009 Spring Training and have been reusing them ever since.

  3. I dont know where you are on the Monsters of the Mesozoic set but I have a pile of them to trade/find new homes for. Let me know which ones you want/need.


  4. Actually Duane, I don't have any right now. Ginter just hit retail here this Monday. All I have picked up so far is 5 rack packs, and no dinosaurs. I'll take all I can get.