Mar 9, 2010

Post 100: Allen and Ginter will once again Remove your Face from your Head

It's worth wasting post #100 on. I'm not much of a milestone man, anyways. This article comes from The Beckett Blog. I haven't read Beckett since Nomahhh was on the cover in a Cubbies uni, so believe me, I'm no Beckett homer.

The article shows what everyone knows about Ginter already, but check out the cabinet Tony Hawk card. SIC MOSH BRAHH.

Yeah, that's right. No pictures. Relax. I have about 30 to post later tonight from opening packs of 2010 Topps and 2009-2010 Upper Deck Hocker. Watch for the latter on A Pack To Be Named Later this evening.

Okay, maybe one picture...
I found this via 1 Blue Jays Way earlier today.

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