Feb 28, 2010

The Great Pasty White Hope Says:

Blaster Box Breaks: 2007 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 plus 2009 Topps T-206 coming soon!

I will not let myself near the internet until tomorrow, as the USA/Canada Gold Medal game is tonight, and I have to DVR it. No spoilers! Will hopefully get to watching the game tomorrow sometime, and I plan to at least post the T-206 break at that time.


Feb 26, 2010

Friday Rock Out: Catch-22

9MM And a Three Piece Suit

Feb 24, 2010

Cards from Fans of Red Teams

That's right. Fans of the blasted Red Sox and the "who knows how they'll be this year" Reds. Seriously, how the Reds will fair one year to the next is always a mystery to me.

Anyways, let's start with some goodies from fanofReds over at Nachos Grande. Sadly, no nachos were included. I flipped him a Gallardo relic for a near-impossible task of putting together the '09 A&G relic set, along with some Larkins, and he was kind enough to send these my way.

First up is a V-Dub spectrum jersey:
Nice, healthy card. Spectrums do not scan well, but they're a treat to look at. Also the jersey cards seem pretty common, I am currently sitting on a Brandon Webb who will probably go visit someone's pseudo-card shop in Arizona in the future.

Chris sent some Jays to boot:
Greatest Blue Jay of All Time, Roy Halladay with painted-on eyes...
And something else...
...this makes me happy. Apparently I wasn't the only one who spent $.99 of 16 of these suckers back in '00. (This card is 10 years old...yikes.)

Thanks for the cards Chris, they're good ones.

Next up, Adam at Thoughts and Sox. I contacted him a week or so back (this package got here quiiiick), and proposed Jays-for-Sox. Unfortunately, he had sent all but a few Jays to another blogger. Aww shucks, but I collect Rockies too! Well, add another blogger to the list that cannot wait to drop his Rockies off on another. Adam sent a 100-count box over here to NY, filled with mostly Rox, but a few, very quality Jays mixed in.

First: some Baby Jays:
These are beauties. You can probably pull my fingerprint from the Aaron Cibia if you feel like incriminating me. Hopefully the Jays won't give up on these guys.
'08 SPx Halladay die-cut. Are these all die-cuts or is this a parallel? Either was, I cannot believe it scanned so well. Adam also sent a Todd Helton. Fellow bloggers have been exceptionally generous in sending me Heltons. Adam sent 15. Wow.
Adam - when you were putting this package together did you know this would be my favorite? Probably not, but Dusty Lambchops is my favorite Jay now that Shawn Green, Carlos Delgado, Orland Hudson and Brandon League are gone. I am actually thinking of starting a Dustin McGowan collecting blog, as other have for Carl Crawford, Brian Roberts, and other players.

Here's the bad news for Adam, though. I haven't even started putting the package together yet! I apologize deeply for this, but things have been a bit hectic lately, and I'm out of packages. I'll put the cards together tonight, so hopefully you can expect them by the end of next week. Once again, sorry for the delay.

On to an eBay score...

This is the best deal I have ever received on eBay. Two autographs, a Tejada pants relic, and an Ichiro SSP from '09 Topps 206.
I'm leading myself to believe that the seller had no idea that he was sitting on an Ichiro short print. This is one of my favourite cards ever, at least in my Ichiro collection. What a great card.

Also, for $.25, Miguel Tejada's pants!:
I picked this up since shipping was cheap past the first card. For two autos, Miggy's pants and the SP, the order cost $4.75 or something. STEAL.

Quick COMC Question

So today I decided tojump head-first into Check Out My Cards for my first purchase. Twenty hard-earned (pressing the play button) bills from PayPal to my COMC ID for one goal: boost that personal collection. So far I have added three cards of my favourite (remaining) Blue Jay, which total a staggering $.74.

My question is this: the shipping rates, similar to eBay it seems, are set at an initial $3 +$.50 each additional card.

Does this work if you purchase from multiple sellers? I am not majorly concerned, because in my understanding, the sellers ship to COMC before they ship to the buyer, thus the cards come from one place, drastically reducing shipping rates. Am I right?

Update: Only $3.63 (without initial $3 shipping) Including a jersey relic, multiple rookies and inserst, 9 cards total. I'm beginning to like this site.

All posts must have pictures:
God I miss that place.

Feb 22, 2010

The Transformation of a Ballplayer: Jayson Werth

Just the first in a series.

In 1998, Jayson Werth, one of my favorite players, was a solid catching prospect for the Baltimore Orioles.
Last week Jayson Werth reported to Philadelphia Phillies camp in Clearwater, Florida. Coming off a stellar season in 2009 with a total of 36 HR/99 RsBI/20 SB, Jayson Werth has decided to add a new asset to his game. Now, it's not quite Markakian in respectability but behold:
On a side: 2010 Spring Training caps = lame.

Want List - 2008 Topps Chrome Refractors

Any refractors will do, basic, XFractor, Blue, Copper or Red. Really want to get a Red.

Need: 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20-24, 27, 28, 31-36, 38, 39, 41, 43, 44, 46, 48-57, 59, 60, 62, 64-66, 68, 69, 71, 73, 77, 78, 81, 83-85, 91, 92, 95-97, 101-105, 107-109, 112, 116, 117, 120, 123, 127, 130, 131, 134, 135, 137, 139, 140, 142-145, 148, 151-154, 156, 158, 159, 162, 165, 166, 168, 170, 171, 174, 178, 179, 181, 183-185, 188-190, 192-199, 201, 206-209, 211-214, 216-220.

Autographs: All. I might just collect these as chrome base cards, but any refractors would be awesome.. Looking for Evan Longoria, Randy Wells, Brian Barton most of all.

Okay, for trade from this set, I have either doubles, triples or quadruples of these:

8 - Jimmy Rollins Refractor
14 - Orlando Cabrera Refractor
26 - Jason Bay Refractor, XFractor
40 - Robinson Cano Refractor
61 - Gil Meche Refractor
63 - Roy Oswalt Refractor (2)
74 - James Loney Refractor (2)
76 - Jermaine Dye Refractor
82 - Carlos Delgado Refractor (Need XFractor and Red for complete Rainbow!)
87 - Mark Teixeira Refractor
88 - Bobby Crosby Refractor
126 - Rocco Baldelli Refractor
129 - Geovany Soto Refractor
133 - Jeremy Bonderman Refractor
146 - Curt Schilling Refractor
155 - Joba Chamberlain Refractor, XFractor
163 - Greg Maddux Refractor (2)
175 - Rickie Weeks Refractor
176 - Milton Bradley Refractor
177 - Daniel Cabrera Refractor
180 - Hideki Okajima Refractor
200 - Elliot Johnson Rookie Card Refractor
215 - Kyle McClellan Rookie Card Refractor

I usually get a few lots of these off eBay per month, so keep checking back. Any help will be rewarded. I would prefer the colours in this order: Red, Blue, Copper, Basic, XFractor.

Feb 21, 2010

Semi-Live Blogging: USA vs. Canada

WARNING: Explicit Blogging
7:05 Pregame...
  • Team USA white jersey really look like Rangers uniforms. Not cool.
  • Supposed to start at 4:40 PST, but seems kinda early as Team USA already took the ice, no Canada yet.
  • The British Columbia commercial make the place look great to visit but...all of the celebs (yes, that basketball player is a celebrity, anyone can show up and play basketball) are obviousbly being shot on a set, and are most certainly not in British Columbia.
  • Love Christopher Guest, but these census commercials are kind of unnecessary. How much $ are we spending to make them?
7:11 Canada takes the ice...always in sick unis.
  • I'd rather have Mike Richards on my team than Sidney any day.07-08 SP Game Used Patch Mike Richards Pictures, Images and Photos
  • On a side, I'm pumped about moving to Buffalo this summer. I still have not been to an NHL game, so it looks like my first chance will be in Buffalo. Hopefully versus Toronto, but I'll aim low and be happy to see them beat the hell out of Florida or something. Yeah Florida, you suck. Now. Wait a few years.

  • Puck won't drop until 7:45. It is currently 7:17. I'll be back around 7:40.
  • $5 footlongs! As long as you're not in Alaska. $6 footlongs!
  • Yes, Parise is that good. Just ask my fantasy teams from last season. Nailed it.
  • Puck drop very soon. I vote big hit within 3 minutes.
  • USA coming out full of piss and vinegar...I like it.
  • Sidney Crosby: -1
  • Credit the goal to Sidney Crosby. Point your stick down, dumbass.
  • So when Jays traded League for Morrow a month ago, Drunk Jays Fans totally schooled me by posting Brenden Morrow and headlining their post "Toronto trades for Morrow". Touche, drunkies.
  • Miller, 1. Crosby, 0.
  • Ryan Getzlaf? Penalty? No way! PowerPlay USA.
  • I hope no one sees this post as anti-Canadian. I am very much a fan of Canada. But I am America.
  • Brodeur saves a stick from his victories? Does he own an airline hangar to put them in?
  • High-stick, Pavelski on Getzlaf. Getzlaf draws a lot of penalties on top of getting a few called on himself, so he's no liability.
  • No one said it'd be a defensive game. Well, except me. I was wrong. 1-1.
  • Someone give that albino Staal some eyebrows.
  • RAFALSKI!!!!!!!!! Or someone else....
  • Nope. Rafalski:
  • Getting a bit Chippy.
  • Hey, USA, watch out for that #87
  • For those concerned, I did end up (SAVE BY MILLERRRR) $4.50 for those 2 autos, an SP and a relic off eBay. Score!
  • That's what she said, Eddie.
  • Game letting up a slight bit, plus I'm roaming eBay.
  • First Intermission. Great Start. Back for Period 2.
Second Period, 2-1 USA, 8:36
  • Good, the energy is back
  • Heatley. Prick. Scary good line.
  • 2-2 Canada. Looking like a 12-12 shootout at this point.
  • Michael Phelps enjoys a cool Molson as well. That may be the only thing we will ever have in common.
  • "..and a steal by Nash" is enough to get me to need a new pair of shorts
  • My Dad and brother keep taking my popcorn. And tossing it to my dog.
  • Might have to replace the glass after this game. Lots of hits in the corner and around the blue line boards.
  • Poor Do Emerick, Russian v. Czech and now USA v. Canada. Hope he doesn't have a heart condition - other than love for the game, OH! (+1 point)
  • Yellow Card - embellishment.
  • Lots of hitting around the USA net.
  • 3 canucks, one pile
  • Rick Jeannerrette flashbacks, 3-2 USA
  • According to the game clock, it took me 17:40 to eat a bag of popcorn
  • Wow, end-to-end three plays in a row. What a game
  • Power Play, you albino fuck.
9:05, 3-2 USA PowerPlay
  • To be continued in Period 3...
9:20, Period 3, USA leads 3-2
  • No PPG, Brooks Orpik penalty. Why is he on this team?
  • No! Crosby penalty! You little schoolboy bitch.
Americans on the Power Play, 9:24
  • Yipes. Even strength.
  • Another penalty against Canada...
9:29, USA PP
  • Stay outta the box, score goals with the man advantage. NICE. Maybe the goal goes to Langenbrunner.
  • "How close can they coma and not score?" -Doc Emerick
9:33, 4-2 USA. YES. 4-2. Not a typo.
  • Canada Power Plat. Do not want.
  • Patrick Kane. Ugh. Get a haircut. This coming from someone with long hair.
  • No hat trick for Rafalski. Goal goes to Langenbrunner.
9:42, 4-2 USA, Even Strength
  • Okay, no Maple Leaf style breakdowns now...
  • 42', 26% battery remaining...
  • Sweet Boog Powell auto on eBay...
  • Hope I don't have to work tomorrow. Since, you know. I just don't want to.
  • -wince- Erik Johnson penalty....
9:44, 4-2 USA, Canada PP
  • Alright Michigan boy, it's Miller Time.
  • Don't let Weber wind up on one...
  • Nice clear, MILLERRRRR before i could even type about the clear, Miller made three game changing saves. Fucking eh.
  • Pucks been bouncing on Canada all night, can't expect this luck for USA later on in the tourney.
  • Or by the end of that sentence...
9:48, 4-3 USA, Even Strength, Fuck Sidney Crosby
  • Hold 'em, 2:34 to go. Gotta win this faceoff.
  • Iginla has been quiet, but don't talk to him about destiny: [video removed]
    • Faceoff win!
    • HOLYSHITKESLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Goal. Of. My. Lifetime.
    • I am happier than a pig in shit, Canada is on suicide watch.
    • 5-3 USA. This isn't over. But it's close.
    • 31s
    • 26s
    • Empty Net
    • Frozen puck @ 16.5s
    • 7!
    • 3!
    USA is 3-0, World. We're not here to fuck around this year. See you in the next round.
  • Announcing...

    USA versus Canada hockey live blog tonight!

    This will be my first live blog. I don't expect anyone to follow along through the whole game. But at least check it out afterwords. Plus, plenty of pictures of this handsome man:

    Some (more) eBay thoughts

    Recently, I placed a healthy order on eBay for 4 cards. Actually, it was just last night. I managed to score a 2009 T206 Short Print, which may very well be my new favorite card. When it arrives, I will post it, but until then, you can wait. I'll have to.

    I won all four cards for $.25/card. So, the auctions ended for a total of $1.00. The shipping is listed at $3/card. Now, without a shipping discount, the order comes to $13. Keep in mind, this is a rare T206 SP, 2 Autographs and a Game-Used. So $13 really isn't dreadful for the whole group.

    However, the seller lists this within each auction:


    I went to checkout, and the total was listed at $13. So of course, I sent a "Request Total" email for combined shipping, but still haven't heard anything back. In fairness to the seller, they had a fair amount of auctions end last night, so I am not expecting a super-fast response. But the pessimist in me checked his feedback, and thought it was 100% positive or damn close, no one seems to purchase multiple auctions at once from him.

    Just looking for some feedback here, really. I have the tendency to NEVER read directions and fine print correctly (student loans, Graduate Record Exam, final exams, card blog contests, letters from others) so I just wanted to see what everyone else might think of this situation. Am I right to believe I'll only owe this seller $4.50? ($1 for cards, $3 to ship cards 1-3, and $.50 for the fourth card).

    Here's a hint of what I bought:
    Name all three cards and win...something.

    Feb 20, 2010

    Ultimate Wish List Card #4

    2000 Pacific Crown Royale
    Sweet Spot Autograph
    Vernon Wells

    Feb 18, 2010

    Plain Beautiful Cards: Volume 11 - 1996 Fleer Ultra Power Plus Reggie Sanders

    No need to adjust the colour information of your monitor. This is foil. Super ultra mega foil. I think I need the other 11...

    eBay Scores: Week of 2/18/2010

    Still trying to get used to writing 2010.

    Anyways. Now that the whole applying-for-graduate-school fiasco is over with and actually had a semi-positive result, I'll be back and more active in posting, rather than just quick Matt Wieters posts and three-weeks-delayed trade posts here and there.

    I'll start off with some eBay pickups (which were from last week, but arrived today.)

    First and ABSOLUTELY most important, Number 2 in my Base-Shredding Saga: Troy Glaus!
    What a beautiful foiled beyond recognition, well-used rubber (gross) piece of cardboard. This is my second of the insert set, which in 2000 were an about every 5th case hit at 1:288 packs. They're still hard to find, but with a $.50 price tag (not including shipping) they're very attainable - when you can find 'em. Vladimir Guerrero and Tony Gwynn are both hanging out on eBay right now as well, listed @ $9.99 BIN. Also, Eric Munson is on there too, at a staggering $3.99. I wouldn't pay $3.99 for an Eric Munson if he hand made the damn card.

    A new Delgado relic. Sic mosh, brah. I've built a steady collection of Delgados so far, and man, this one looks awesome in the preview with an all-white background. Unfortunately, it won't show up that way in the actual post.

    I'm getting close to completing the 2010 Jays bullpen and rotation relic/autograph set right now, and Accardo is the newest to join in on the custom-book party (more on that at another time). These Ultimate Collection cards are incredibly beautiful. There's a slight tint to the sticker so it doesn't blend as well into the card as this one:

    Eugenio Velez is not a Blue Jay, Rockie or a player I collect of any sort. I bought this one because the shipping was only $1 added on to the initial $3.00 for the previous three cards, and this is probably one of the best/worst autographs I have ever seen. Ever.

    You can look at this card and guess his named would be spelled "E L V Gamma B/R". Still, he's faster than a flushed grouse and it's a sick card. Worth $1.35 plus shipping.

    In case you haven't figured it out by now, and really, why the hell should you have, these are the mystery cards from this post on the Thirteenth of this month.

    A quick review: Somehow, without trying, the cards listed there are the same order that they show up here: Troy Glaus Base Shredders, Delgado uni, Accardo ink and Velez ink.

    How many of you knew Accardo saved 30 games for Toronto in '06?

    Next, and last package.
    A $.99 lot of 2008 Topps Chrome Refractors! By far the best deal so far, got 19 of 'em for $3.49 with shipping. If you've got any you want to get rid of, let me know. Trying to piece together 225 refractors is proving pretty tough. I'll take all colours, too - Red, Copper, Regular or Blue. Blue and Red are the best.

    And, just for fun, here's my dog covered in snowballs:

    Feb 17, 2010


    Below is an electronic copy of the decision letter which will be mailed to you shortly.

    Dear Mr.Widrig:

    On behalf of the Geology Department of The University at Buffalo, I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into our Master of Arts degree program effective Fall 2010.

    Yeah, bitches. My life dream is starting to come true. I have officially been accepted into a Geology program I've wanted to attend since I found out that it existed. Pumped? Yeah. Big time.

    Recent APC Trades

    ...and by recent, I mean within the past...ohhhh....three weeks or so. Mail has dried up recently but I am expecting about 10 cards from eBay and maybe some trade packages by Friday. Hopefully. Also, I may purchase (packs of) cards again on Friday. May.

    First up, loot from the Great White North (Central), or, Carl Crawford Cards, if you prefer. Paul, the Niemann ink is on the way to the big ND. Hopefully you'll get it by this weekend, but you never know (postmarked 2/16).

    This Ichiro is downright nuclear.
    Hooray for the Soria boost. And chromed!
    It's a rough looking swatch, but hey, I wouldn't believe a Pudge swatch was authentic without some wear.

    That's some mighty fine cardboard (and fabric) Paul. Mighty fine.

    On to a second package, also received weeks ago, from Dan at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop. He also sent some goody Ichiros, and this guy I needed:
    Terrible scan, fantastic card.
    On to the Honey-Nut Ichiros:
    '04 Donruss Diamond Kings Season Stat Line. It looks light blue as that is how the scan refelcted the holofoil, but its' well done, and certainly not overdone. Great looking card, and #'ed to 159.
    My first Turkey Red, of any sort. I kinda want more.
    Ichiro, horizontal, on a dirty scanner. Nice.

    Thanks guys. Dan - you've already got your package, and Paul, yours is on the way.

    Yesterday I also sent one package to Collective Troll for the newest group box break, and to Chris over at Nachos Grande.

    Feb 16, 2010

    Pitchers & Catchers Report

    Tomorrow, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. Except one.

    Because Matt Wieters reports to no one.

    Feb 13, 2010

    Some eBay thoughts.

    So, I may have done something kind of dumb and unncecessary on eBay the past 48 hours. A certain seller starts his auctions @ $.50 + $3.00 shipping, and $1 shipping for each additional card.

    There was no way I wasn't going to purchase the one card that got me to the store, as I need it for my life to ever be complete (you'll think I'm crazy when it is revealed.)

    However, I ended up buying four cards. So, I paid $6 to ship these four cards...rediculous, right? I agree. However, the four cards which I purchased totaled a minuscule $3.33. In all, four cards for a total of $9.33.

    After the auction I kind of regretted it, but I wasn't going to let card #1 get away.

    Some more information:

    Card 1 = Relic from 2000 (Career year = .284, 47HR, 102 RsBI)
    Card 2 = Relic from 2001 (One of my favorite players of all time and the only one I have held a long conversation with besides Shawn Green)
    Card 3 = Autograph from 2006 (player saved 30 games)
    Card 4 = Autograph from 2008 (No accolades yet)

    So I ask you, would you have paid $9.33 for these cards of similar players to yourself? I say "similar to yourself" because three of these guys are/were Toronto Blue Jays but one is just kind of rediuclous, you'll see why in the eBay Score posts coming up eventually.

    And since I always like to post pictures, here's Jonas Hiller's player page for the Vanny Olympics. I was lucky enough to draw Switzerland, the country of my own heritage, in JD's Olympic Contest Part Deux. If you haven't submitted an entry yet, please go do so. Too bad though, because you wont get Poland or Switzerland. Please don't invade me, Germany.

    Feb 11, 2010

    Target Bargain Bin Score

    So today was one of those rare days in which my own incredibly inconsistent schedule of sub-teaching actually aligned with my overly-ambitious/absurdly busy girlfriend's schedule. I planned on a boring day of watching the Weather Channel, but she wasn't into it.

    "Let's go to New Hartford."

    New Hartford = Target. Target = baseball cards.

    So I agreed.

    And watched her shop, for close to two hours, and not buy anything. I waited until the end to exit out the Target entrance of the mall, and in less than two minutes in the card section, grabbed a $1.59 pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra and two "Casers" (18 packs) of 2010 Upper Deck. I'm guessing 18 cards is retail this year.

    Out on the way to the car, I ripped the Ultra. There it was, a nice, thick card sitting happily in the middle of the pack, after being damned to silvery foil insides for what now amounts to 3 to 4 years of captivity. Knowing that Ultra never throws decoys in the packs, I slipped the thick one to the back went through the base cards. Rich Hill, Jason Bay, Bob Abreu, Scott Olsen. All doubles. Then, this guy:
    Ha. and you thought it would have been the hit. Also, this was not a double. Nope, this was a new, cherry-flavored rookie for the binder.

    Now for the hit:

    Quick! What does this card have in common with anabolic steroids? They were both used by Miguel Tejada! I kid, I kid. I'm down with Miggy, and look forward to his Baltimore renaissance.
    I've been waiting to pull a Hitting Machines relic, because, well, they're badass. The colors aren't as awesome as the Freddy Sanchez I saw on eBay, but still. I like this card. The black swatch helps, too.

    On to the Upper Deck, if anyone cares.
    Francisco is my boy. Can't wait until he's out of those damn pinstripes, though.

    I wanna hang out and throw down some saki with Kurt Suzuki. Lots of great players coming out of Hawaii these days.
    Umm. Awesome. This is the best Ballparks card I've seen come out of the 2010 UD set, aside from SafeCo, but still. Very excellent. I'm surprised they didn't exploit the Cien Tower across the street and try and get them both in the shot.

    On to Upper Deck 2010 and what I think of them. They're alright. I'm looking at 20% of the base cards so far, and it's only February, so I say, bring on the set. They're kind of bland, but I honestly have not liked Topps flagship since 2008 and 2007, two of the most hated Topps sets in years. Plus, I'm the rebel of the cardblogospheroid. And no, you probably cannot convince me to like 2010 Topps. I'll wait a few months until the Halladay, Thomas and Molitor Cap Logos come down in price, and those, unless other cards are acquired by trade, will be the extent of my 2010 Topps collection.

    Also: I am going to try to collect the Biography insert from this years 2010 UD. I like the design, and some of the cards I actually remember the day that whatever happened (such as SB-27 making my fantasy week, look it up), and to me, that's pretty rad. So, if you want, send me your unwanted Biographies.

    Feb 10, 2010

    Want List - 2006 Fleer Tradition Baseball

    Originally I thought I'd just bust a blaster of these, and if I liked them, I'd pick up a couple more. There were at least 5 in the store at that time. Anyways, after the one blaster and accumulating a few Jays and Rockies in trade, I wound up with 54% of the base set. Upon my return to the store, no more '06 Fleer Tradition blasters, so, I'll need your help. Here's who I am missing:

    1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, 32, 43, 48, 49, 50, 42, 54, 55, 56, 57, 60, 61, 62, 66, 67, 68, 72, 73, 74, 79, 85, 90, 91, 92, 96, 97, 98, 99, 102, 105, 106, 107, 108, 111, 112, 113, 117, 118, 119, 123, 124, 125, 126, 132, 138, 142, 144, 146, 148, 149, 150, 153, 154, 155, 159, 160, 161, 166, 167, 168, 173, 180, 184, 186, 189, 190, 191, 192, 195, 196, 197.

    Thanks to Duane from Democratic Roadkill and Chris from On Card Autos for help with this set!


    Contest over at JD's Wild Cardz. It's a great site, so don't just enter the contest, give it some reads, follow it if you'd like...but do it before the 90+ teams fill up!

    Feb 9, 2010


    ...but only $3 to ship!

    Ultimate Wish List Card #3

    I haven't posted in days, so here's Ultimate Wish List Card #3:

    Feb 6, 2010

    Go Bip Yourself, San Diego

    My First Ever Patch Card

    ...And it was a "gift" from a family member.

    My Uncle operates a little store at Carousel Mall, one which used to be a sports collectibles shop. While looking for something in storage, the other day, an item fell behind a shelving unit. So he moved the unit out of the way, and found this UNIT:
    A 2004 Fleer Platinum Name Plates Patch serial 049/290. Very excellent. Now for the not-so-good news of it all. The card, which had fell into the depths of the storage some 3+ years ago, did so with no protection whatsoever, not even a penny sleeve. So, as you can see from the scan, it is in rough shape. Also, I have it cropped enough that the chipping ALL around the edge is not visible. The worst of it all is to the left of the Fleer Platinum logo.

    Incidentally, this is not my first Unit relic. I bought this at a card show in high school for a cheap price, along with Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Delgado, and probably a couple others.

    Getting to this part of every post gets me thinking...I need a snappy signoff line.