Feb 13, 2010

Some eBay thoughts.

So, I may have done something kind of dumb and unncecessary on eBay the past 48 hours. A certain seller starts his auctions @ $.50 + $3.00 shipping, and $1 shipping for each additional card.

There was no way I wasn't going to purchase the one card that got me to the store, as I need it for my life to ever be complete (you'll think I'm crazy when it is revealed.)

However, I ended up buying four cards. So, I paid $6 to ship these four cards...rediculous, right? I agree. However, the four cards which I purchased totaled a minuscule $3.33. In all, four cards for a total of $9.33.

After the auction I kind of regretted it, but I wasn't going to let card #1 get away.

Some more information:

Card 1 = Relic from 2000 (Career year = .284, 47HR, 102 RsBI)
Card 2 = Relic from 2001 (One of my favorite players of all time and the only one I have held a long conversation with besides Shawn Green)
Card 3 = Autograph from 2006 (player saved 30 games)
Card 4 = Autograph from 2008 (No accolades yet)

So I ask you, would you have paid $9.33 for these cards of similar players to yourself? I say "similar to yourself" because three of these guys are/were Toronto Blue Jays but one is just kind of rediuclous, you'll see why in the eBay Score posts coming up eventually.

And since I always like to post pictures, here's Jonas Hiller's player page for the Vanny Olympics. I was lucky enough to draw Switzerland, the country of my own heritage, in JD's Olympic Contest Part Deux. If you haven't submitted an entry yet, please go do so. Too bad though, because you wont get Poland or Switzerland. Please don't invade me, Germany.


  1. Granted I don't know as much about cards as most people who blog about cards but if I got four autograph/relic cards of players I really like for under $2.50 a piece, I think I'd be pretty happy.

  2. One isn't a player I'm crazy for, but the sig is hilarious.