Feb 2, 2010

2010 Upper Deck First Looks

Awesome, really. From the limited number of inserts (almost no base cards) listed on eBay, this is a pretty solid release. Here's some highlights:
Decent. Ramon Vazquez is one of the only base cards I could find...the rest had "Star Rookie" logos on them. I think due to the lawsuit, UD also cannot use the RC logo on their cards, so they designed their, own, and it's kind of obnoxious, but whatever. This Vazquez is actually a gold parallel /99.
Holy Fleer Ultra circa late '09's. These are siiiick. Die cuts are back with a vengeance...and Joe Mauer dons this one. Absolutely awesome insert, saw some others with Pujols and other stars, looks like a legit checklist for a sweet die-cut set. Very cool, will be collecting all of these.
So after seeing the Mauer and promptly jumping up and down (both for the return of die cuts and, let's face it, FLAMES!) this set stunned me equally. Perhaps it didnt need to be die-cut, but it's still really badass and features one of my favorite parts of the game, it's World-Wide reach (I'm a WBC homer, too, want to fight about it?!) This insert is a great cool-coloured answer to the too-hot-to-handle Pure Heat inserts.
And lastly, the relics. I am yet to see a patch or a multi-colour patch, but they're okay. The big portrait on the right is great, but instead of the small action photo on the left, I think they should have transferred the patch to inside the diamond and rid the card of a busy, second photograph. I'm so tired of circular patches, it's a waste of a swatch seeing as ~20% of the swatch ends up between cardboard.

I dig 'em. What do you guys think?


  1. The base cards aren't awful, but it reminds me a lot of years past. I do like the die cut inserts, but the jersey cards are kinda boring.

    Nothing here makes me want to run out and buy Upper Deck baseball cards, though.

  2. A 600 card base set (hopefully that's the right number) with players like Ramon Vazquez is kind of deterring, and yeah, those relics are very boring (as they always are from UD), but the inserts are very nice.

    However, if I pulled that Twilight Predictor card I've seen elsewhere, hell to pay. Hell to pay.

  3. I do love the inserts. The base is okay. It looks a little different than usual, but UD looks too similar year to year for me to care much. I like borders.