Feb 1, 2010

Play at the Plate Contest!

So my man B-Snide over at Play at the Plate has a groovy contest going on right now, named after Groundhogs Day, I suppose, but this has nothing to do with PETA's latest ridiculousness.

Over at Play at the Plate, 30 packs were opened of new 2010 Topps, and 66.7% of the set (220/330) was completed. Now, 25 more packs have been purchased, and you have to guess what percentage of the set will be completed...the prize? More 2010 Topps packs! And extra goodies involving whoever your favorite team is.

I suggest ya'll act on this one, its open until Wednesday I believe. Also, Play at the Plate is a fantastic trader and all around solid gentleman. Follow his blog and try and work out a trade!

Bonus: I just turned my calendar over to February, only to a smiling Dachsund staring back at me. Good start to the month right there.

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