Feb 17, 2010

Recent APC Trades

...and by recent, I mean within the past...ohhhh....three weeks or so. Mail has dried up recently but I am expecting about 10 cards from eBay and maybe some trade packages by Friday. Hopefully. Also, I may purchase (packs of) cards again on Friday. May.

First up, loot from the Great White North (Central), or, Carl Crawford Cards, if you prefer. Paul, the Niemann ink is on the way to the big ND. Hopefully you'll get it by this weekend, but you never know (postmarked 2/16).

This Ichiro is downright nuclear.
Hooray for the Soria boost. And chromed!
It's a rough looking swatch, but hey, I wouldn't believe a Pudge swatch was authentic without some wear.

That's some mighty fine cardboard (and fabric) Paul. Mighty fine.

On to a second package, also received weeks ago, from Dan at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop. He also sent some goody Ichiros, and this guy I needed:
Terrible scan, fantastic card.
On to the Honey-Nut Ichiros:
'04 Donruss Diamond Kings Season Stat Line. It looks light blue as that is how the scan refelcted the holofoil, but its' well done, and certainly not overdone. Great looking card, and #'ed to 159.
My first Turkey Red, of any sort. I kinda want more.
Ichiro, horizontal, on a dirty scanner. Nice.

Thanks guys. Dan - you've already got your package, and Paul, yours is on the way.

Yesterday I also sent one package to Collective Troll for the newest group box break, and to Chris over at Nachos Grande.

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  1. Glad you like your cards! Looking forward to another trade!