Feb 24, 2010

Quick COMC Question

So today I decided tojump head-first into Check Out My Cards for my first purchase. Twenty hard-earned (pressing the play button) bills from PayPal to my COMC ID for one goal: boost that personal collection. So far I have added three cards of my favourite (remaining) Blue Jay, which total a staggering $.74.

My question is this: the shipping rates, similar to eBay it seems, are set at an initial $3 +$.50 each additional card.

Does this work if you purchase from multiple sellers? I am not majorly concerned, because in my understanding, the sellers ship to COMC before they ship to the buyer, thus the cards come from one place, drastically reducing shipping rates. Am I right?

Update: Only $3.63 (without initial $3 shipping) Including a jersey relic, multiple rookies and inserst, 9 cards total. I'm beginning to like this site.

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God I miss that place.


  1. Yes, you're right. All the cards come from their warehouse so shipping is just that one flat rate.