Feb 6, 2010

My First Ever Patch Card

...And it was a "gift" from a family member.

My Uncle operates a little store at Carousel Mall, one which used to be a sports collectibles shop. While looking for something in storage, the other day, an item fell behind a shelving unit. So he moved the unit out of the way, and found this UNIT:
A 2004 Fleer Platinum Name Plates Patch serial 049/290. Very excellent. Now for the not-so-good news of it all. The card, which had fell into the depths of the storage some 3+ years ago, did so with no protection whatsoever, not even a penny sleeve. So, as you can see from the scan, it is in rough shape. Also, I have it cropped enough that the chipping ALL around the edge is not visible. The worst of it all is to the left of the Fleer Platinum logo.

Incidentally, this is not my first Unit relic. I bought this at a card show in high school for a cheap price, along with Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Delgado, and probably a couple others.

Getting to this part of every post gets me thinking...I need a snappy signoff line.

1 comment:

  1. Ow. Well the patch itself looks incredible. At least the card has a story behind it. The damage builds character?

    Your snappy signoff line could be 'I need a snappy signoff line.' :)