Feb 18, 2010

eBay Scores: Week of 2/18/2010

Still trying to get used to writing 2010.

Anyways. Now that the whole applying-for-graduate-school fiasco is over with and actually had a semi-positive result, I'll be back and more active in posting, rather than just quick Matt Wieters posts and three-weeks-delayed trade posts here and there.

I'll start off with some eBay pickups (which were from last week, but arrived today.)

First and ABSOLUTELY most important, Number 2 in my Base-Shredding Saga: Troy Glaus!
What a beautiful foiled beyond recognition, well-used rubber (gross) piece of cardboard. This is my second of the insert set, which in 2000 were an about every 5th case hit at 1:288 packs. They're still hard to find, but with a $.50 price tag (not including shipping) they're very attainable - when you can find 'em. Vladimir Guerrero and Tony Gwynn are both hanging out on eBay right now as well, listed @ $9.99 BIN. Also, Eric Munson is on there too, at a staggering $3.99. I wouldn't pay $3.99 for an Eric Munson if he hand made the damn card.

A new Delgado relic. Sic mosh, brah. I've built a steady collection of Delgados so far, and man, this one looks awesome in the preview with an all-white background. Unfortunately, it won't show up that way in the actual post.

I'm getting close to completing the 2010 Jays bullpen and rotation relic/autograph set right now, and Accardo is the newest to join in on the custom-book party (more on that at another time). These Ultimate Collection cards are incredibly beautiful. There's a slight tint to the sticker so it doesn't blend as well into the card as this one:

Eugenio Velez is not a Blue Jay, Rockie or a player I collect of any sort. I bought this one because the shipping was only $1 added on to the initial $3.00 for the previous three cards, and this is probably one of the best/worst autographs I have ever seen. Ever.

You can look at this card and guess his named would be spelled "E L V Gamma B/R". Still, he's faster than a flushed grouse and it's a sick card. Worth $1.35 plus shipping.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, and really, why the hell should you have, these are the mystery cards from this post on the Thirteenth of this month.

A quick review: Somehow, without trying, the cards listed there are the same order that they show up here: Troy Glaus Base Shredders, Delgado uni, Accardo ink and Velez ink.

How many of you knew Accardo saved 30 games for Toronto in '06?

Next, and last package.
A $.99 lot of 2008 Topps Chrome Refractors! By far the best deal so far, got 19 of 'em for $3.49 with shipping. If you've got any you want to get rid of, let me know. Trying to piece together 225 refractors is proving pretty tough. I'll take all colours, too - Red, Copper, Regular or Blue. Blue and Red are the best.

And, just for fun, here's my dog covered in snowballs:

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