Mar 22, 2010

Catching up on Trades: Quest for 80's ness

I appologize to those of you who I have completed trades with recently. With travel, prepping of a new life and some quick-and-dirty research, I have pushed the blog back just a bit.

This is a three-parter of recent trades, and this solid package came from John at Quest for 80's ness. Very excellent. John sent a small box of cards in exchange for some Goody Champs, which will be in England...eventually.

On to the cards:

The Gruber. Mandatory acknowledgment.
The Big Cat. In tremendously shiny glory.
Skinny, well-shaved Todd in all of his 1996 BB Rookie Card awesomeness.
Big thanks on this one.
Who doesn't love Shawn Green?
Aside from those who've thrown down $80 for a one-hit box and pulled Green relic.
But not me.
Turkey-flavored Dexter Fowler. Super neat.
'09 Upper Deck sans foil Fowler. Is there a point to First Edition?
And no, making the Starquest foil a different color is not a legitimate answer.

Thanks for the Trade, John. Goody Champs and extra BoSox coming your way soon.

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