Mar 18, 2010

Need to Post Something

So here's some eBay scores. All four cards, less than $15.

Patric Hornqvist - 08/09 UD Ice Double Jersey.
Matt Stajan Auto #1
Matt Stajan Auto #2
Aaaand....awesome. First Hat Logo card...and for about $7. Decent. These were going for $35 in February.

I have a ton of trades to post. 9 cards each, and good ones. A new Dusty Lambchops (and a silky on in the mail!).

I am pretty close to broke after Baltimore. Thus, no cards for a while. Trades, sure. Don't plan on buying anything until A&G anyways.

The GSA got my geology legs kicking again. So expect more posts here rather than here.

I might have funding to return to Alaska. Amazing.

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