Mar 9, 2010

Two Packs of 2009-2010 Upper Deck Series 1 Hocker

I always have better luck with hockey. Better players, better quality, etc. However, being home-based in Central NY, hockey gets no attention. Where you find 3-6 brands per football, baseball and even basketball (sickeningly), there MIGHT be one, or on a good day two, hockey brands available. Since my room is currently haunted by UD Collector's Choice throughout the years, I dare not ever pick up another pack of the stuff.

Well, today, aside from UDCC, there were packs of 2009-2010 Series 1 & 2 Hockey at Sprawl Mart. I grabbed two retail packs. Here is what I received:



Paille. Nice shot.

The enemy. Most Leafs fans hate the Sens. I hate the Bruins more.

Love the 'Yotes unis. If you move to Hamilton, keep the mascot.

I meant to rotate Drew, really.

Perhaps if I had bought hockey in 08-09, this would be a Stamkos rookie. One can dream.

Late round bargain fantasy pick for me x5.

I don't like you, Bryan. I didn't in the blue & white and I sure as hell don't now.

I like Schenn, though. Sometimes.

I think I've heard of this guy before.

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