Mar 6, 2010

Check Out My Cards, eBay, and the Greatest Card Ever

I'll keep the comments short on these cards, this will mainly be a picture show. Stay tuned to see some of my new favorite cards late in this post. All of these were purchased for less than $25 cumulatively.
Second Good Doctor Halladay relic...1000x better than the shitty '08 Topps one, which is thicker than my Physical Hydrology textbook. ($1.75)
Been in love with these since I pulled my first one (Larry Wayne Jones) back in 2000. Now have 3/10, and the others should be easy to obtain. ($0.75)
Refractors never scan as good as one can hope. I actually took this and the following Dusty Lambchops cards outside to refelct to sunshine today. They came out ok. First Marcum auto. Big spender on this one. ($3.75)
Awesome. ($0.24)
This blue refractor isn't as nice as I'd hoped, but it's Dusty (favorite player), a refractor, and is going towards the 2006 Topps rainbow. Just need the red one and the base...were there XFractors in '06? ($0.75)

Quite possibly one of the greatest cards ever printed. My new favorite Dusty Lambchops. ($0.50)
Maybe you're thinking: "Booooo! Airbrushed!" or maybe "Booo....he's standing next to a Caribbean-themed Bowling Alley" or even "Booooo that auto sucks in it's tiny script and fine-pointed pen. Well, screw you, and flip it over to see (or not see in the terrible scan):
Hand numbered to /375. WIN. ($1.75)
Fun fact: Dustin McGowan in 100% torso. Look it up. Or down. ($3.00)
Another card for the 2003 Bowman rainbow. Need Refractor and XFractor. ($0.15)
You just got Rickyrolled. ($.99)

And now.

Without further adieu.

I give you...

The greatest card of all time:
Effing eh, man. Effing eh. ($1.25)


  1. Nice haul. I have 49 cards in my COMC bin. By the time I have them shipped I'll probably have forgotten what I bought.

  2. But you might be able to get bulk shipping at that point, rather than $3 +a quarter for every additional card.

    On another note, I just snagged a 2010 Topps hat logo off eBay for $7.5 shipped...and this blog is closing in on post #100.

  3. Nice work on the hat logo, who was the player? My COMC bin is at like $20 currently.

  4. The player will be revealed later this week when the card arrives. I should get that and a bunch of 206's off ebay..and it'll be one medium/big post.