Jan 6, 2010

Baseball Blog Detritus from the Day


So, pretty eventful day in our little circle here on blogspot. Some posts of great pulls as well as cant-miss HOF debates...here's some links:

  • Thorzul Will Rule has got me wishing I had $60 to throw down on a box of '08 UD Baseball Heroes. Hell of a box there...maybe someday.
  • Beardy's Baseball Blog has some strong opinions, all well processed and hashed out, as well as a huge debate stemming from today's HOF selections. No Alomar for me this year, so probably no 2 hour drive to Cooperstown (unless Andre is signing some cheapie autos)...
  • Drunk Jays Fans, notoriously pessimistic and generally way too angry to be that close to my Blue Jays should, gets my hopes up on hot-shit Aroldis Chapman (Man Crush #1). Jays and Angels appear to be front runners...but really? If you're Aroldis Chapman do you go to Anaheim to play with fellow Cubano Kendry Morales, work for a hispanic GM, live in sunny South CA, or go to bleak Toronto, with very few remaining hispanic players, and play for a Canadian GM?
Aaaand I thought there were more, but I guess not. Might post a Plain Beautiful Card tonight, might not. Currently searching for a better "career" in case grad school doesn't work out ("But Roy, you mean high school substitute teacher isn't a great career?!")

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