Jan 15, 2010

Great First Lines: MLTR on Alex Anthopoulos

This thought-provoking first line from MLBTR' rumo(u)rs list today made me giggle a little bit. Now, I don't think that Ben Nicholson-Smith intended for the double entendre, but I still enjoyed it.

He makes good points, though. Jays scored some serious trade loot this year, and aside from questionable signings of Alex Gonzalez (not the good one) and Johnny Mac (I'm happier about this one), there is some serious prospect porn in Las Vegas and New Hamsphire right now.

Will Ben Sheets be the next Blue Jay? Sure, why not? Alex has some serious bills to throw at him now that $8,000,000 left with Halladay, that Sheets could be a decent, one-year reclaimation project if no one else is interested (Plus I would LOVE to actually love all my Ben Sheets commons). Someone needs to be the ace of this staff - Rookie Romero (RR Cool Jay) is at least a year off, Richmond is a great story but will never be above a #4 and Drabek is at least two years from being an ace.

Why not give Richy Rich Harden a look too? Oh wait. Dammit Rangers! You'll still finish behind Seattle, that team will be something ferocious this season.

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