Jan 2, 2010

Double Take Volume 1 - David Wells Perfect Game

For about 10 years these cards were sitting only a few apart from one another in an unmarked 700-count card box. Little did these twins know, they were right next to each other all along.

I thought a lot about these two cards in the past few days, wondering how this could happen. Then I kept looking through more cards, more or less sorted by date and players, and noticed it a few more times. In one case, I may be on to a three-card progression of a Hank Blalock fly ball to right, and in another, a single pitch thrown in an away game by then-Red Sox Ace Pedro Martinez.

If anyone stumbles by this...blog (I still just don't like the word "blog") and has more similar circumstance cards, I'd love to hear about (see) them.

Stay tuned for more "Double Takes", "Plain Beautiful Cards" and the short-printed (see what I did there?) "Pitchers with Bats" themed posts here at Paper Chase.

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