Jan 4, 2010

The Plight of the Incomplete Set

So I wandered down to WalMart today to see if they still had any fat packs left of 2007 Fleer Ultra. They did. Marked down to $2.48 and only three remaining, I grabbed all three and a 50% off box of 2007 UD Future Stars. The Future Stars blaster was abominable, one red parallel (though a gorgeous card) and 35 base cards. No doubles, though.

The fat packs, each containing 32 cards for a total of 96, 6 of which are gold medallions. The gold medallions are awful with the digital numbering on the back, but whatever. I'm not here to collect them.

So out of 96 cards, I got 6 gold medallions (BJ Upton, Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis, Tom Glavine, AJ Pierzynski, Jim Edmonds, all #ed to 999), 90 base cards. In a set notorious for their inserts and nice rookie short prints, one thing was obvious to me: they had been searched of Lucky 13's and Ultra Rookies. Royal pain in the ass.

So out of my 90 available cards to work on my set of 200 with, I got 9 new cards. Nine. Looks like I'll be building a second set of doubles along side this one or shipping a bunch out in trades for basically nothing.



  1. Bummer. Nothing like opening a bunch of packs you KNOW have been search, just hoping for cards towards your set, and you get skunked.

  2. All part of the game. The thing is, I don't count the gold medallions towards the set, and three of the nine I (still) don't have bases of. Sick, twisted irony.