Jan 16, 2010

Paper Chase Fantasy League Update

So far, there's four interested. I want to get this thing going as soon as possible. Here's what it looks like so far:

1. Roy / A Paper Chase
2. Carl Crawford Cards / Carl Crawford Cards
3. SpastikMooss / Great Sports Name Hall of Fame
4. Wicked Ortega / My Past Time...I Love It!

So there are still six slots open. If there is higher demand by april, we can definitely expand, but as of now these are my proposed league details:
  • 10 Teams
  • KEEPER League - get to keep a certain amount of players every season (between 5-10)
  • Head-to-Head Scoring (unless everyone else wants rotisserie...mmmm rotisserie)
  • H, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS hitting statistic (subject to change)
  • IP, W, K, WHIP, ERA, SV, HLD pitching statistics (subject to change)
  • 4 team Playoffs (two rounds, 3 weeks)
  • Live, Online Snaking Draft - Standard. No auction format.
  • Fees: None. Everyone throws in a few solid cards at the end of the season for the winners - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers
Hope to see more sign up. Should be a great league and after one week already looks pretty strong.


  1. Sounds great! Will this be "blogger exclusive" or open to friends of bloggers?

    Stats are really tricky, and I'm cool with whatever you decide. Here are a few things that came out of a league I used to run that died a fiery death a few years back.
    1) I LOVE Holds for a lot of reasons.
    2) Maybe R and K for hitters instead of 3B and AVG? In a h-h league in any given week the 3B category can be won by a single triple. Including AVG and H gives a significant boost in value to low OPS guys with high AVGs and lots of H (hello Juan Pierre!).
    3) I really think including IP (as opposed to having a minimum IP) is interesting, if only because it blunts a strategy where you punt W and K and try to win everything else via a handful of elite relievers week after week.

    Again, thanks for heading this up and I'm looking forward to it!

  2. I agree with pretty much everything CCC said besides holds.

  3. Holds are up in the air. That can be a vote later on.

    My defense of triples - I love to reward speed. Triples adds extra value to players like Michael Bourn, Willy Taveres who are only one-category guys (steal).

    I really don't like to punish hitters for striking out. I'd rather see Vernon Wells strikeout than pop up to the catcher any time. Just my thoughts on it.

  4. Friends on bloggers are encouraged, But it'd be nice to at least have collectors, so everyone has something in common besides the opportunity to embarrass friends on a digital ballfield.

  5. I'm game.

    I plan on hosting my own Fantasy team if anyone would like to join it. Right now I am a few players short. Mine is head to head no keeper Yahoo league.