Jan 9, 2010

UDX Blaster Turns into Fine PC Day

So for the past 3 months or so, I have walked past (read: labored in front of for 10-20 minutes) the local SprawlMart trading cards section and noticed one recurring, unselling blaster box. It is a box of 2008 Upper Deck X, marked down 40% to $11.48.

Every time I think about getting it. A plain black box with a sleek holofoil "X"...is tempting (I love holofoil, I'll admit it.) Today I picked it up, noting that before I had been discouraged by the fact that there was little writing, and that it doesn't state how many cards are in each pack (therefore box). But today, however, I noticed the message on the side: "One Memorobilia Card in EVERY Box, on average!"

So I bit. What's the worst that could happen? Pull a few die-cuts, some trippy Xponential inserts, knock off a good portion of a decent checklist, for $11.48. I could tell which pack had the hit once I got home and observed every pack. In fact, the hit:

GBOAT (Greatest Blue Jay of All Time) #2 Carlos Delgado, is actually equal in thickness to five base cards. I was pumped about this card, placing it at the bottom of the stack. Also, I was glad that it was a Jays relic, not a Mets one. However, the color in the background is Mets, the card says Mets, and Carlos has not played in Toronto since 2004, yet he has a Jays jersey on. More on this card in another post.

The best Xponential (X^3) I pulled was a very nice David Wright. Once I got back on to blogger this afternoon, I noticed Dinged Corners posted David Wright, Curtis Granderson and Barry Zito as players they wanted to trade for, so this guy will have a good home over at Dinged Corners. Enjoy it!

The Xponentials are really cool for X^2s I pulled David Ortiz (who has been haunting me since this fall) and Pedro.

Also added a Tulo to the PC:

Often when I buy cards, I like to mix it up. Buy one plaster, add a random foil. Today random foil was actually wax(ish), and was 2008 Topps Heritage. I really like these, and got none other than my main man Dusty Mc:

Also added David Eckstein in a Jays uni, and a Hanley Ramirez. Always noting that Topps like to play the short print game, i turned all the cards over and checked for irregularities. The Hideki Matsui was the only rogue, with a black background behind the number. I did a little research and found that short prints are inserted 1:3 to mimic the original '52 set. The black backs were not listed as a short print...so how knows.


  1. What are you going to do with the rest of the base cards?

  2. Well I don't have much interest in them, do you?

  3. I need some to finish the set. Did you get....

    1, 12, 13, 15, 20, 33, 36, 43, 62, 64, 71, 83, 85, 87, 92, 96?

  4. Wow. I did not get any of those. Sorry. 31 commons and no matches. Weird.

  5. Oh, well. I saw a few blasters at Wal-Mart. Hopefully I can pick up a few. Dunno where they found them as they never had them in before. Must have had them in the back or something.

    K-mart had one marked at 9.99 although it is likely gone now.