Jan 6, 2010

Plain Beautiful Cards: Volume 7 - 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice David Justice #156


I just found this one a few days ago in the "meh..." box. I actually found a lot of good ones, and have a nice stack for this segment, but with Alomar not making the Hall as I expected, we go with this card tonight.

A few things:
  • This is the oldest card I have ever scanned. I was approximately 8 when I got this one, maybe a Braves fan at the time but could have possibly fallen for the blue corvidae by that point.
  • You can tell by the look on Justice's face that this ball is either about to land in the right field bleacher seats or about to obliterate some kid's first baseball game popcorn bucket beyond first base. Either way, he must have hit this one hard.
  • Pretty nice card all around, not in very good condition, but I was 7 and you can't tell much from the scan. If only the Braves on the bottom right had been real logos like Upper Deck usually produces, this would have been on of my favorite sets ever. Pretty decent though (700 cards + I believe.)
That's it. Congrats to Andre Dawson, please go in as an Expo and not a Cub.

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