Jan 2, 2010

Plain Beautiful Cards: Volume 3 - 1998 Topps Vladimir Guerrero #5

What a great shot. Vlad will always be a favorite of mine, and this card is probably my favorite of him.

What's great about it:

Look at the smile. Vladdy loves him some baseball.

He's still rocking the Expos jersey. Nothing better than players in defunct jerseys. Okay, maybe relics of defunct jerseys and throwbacks.

The pose is fantastic. The glove is blurred because the focus is on Valddy's chops, but I think that makes the card work better.

What originally got me to love this card way back in '98 was the background, though. Most definately a Spring Training shot, the clouds in the background are big and puffy, and the close up of the perfectly trimmed grass along with the darkened tree background make this an incredible card.

1 comment:

  1. The Vlad is a classic. Gotta be on the lookout for that one.