Jan 14, 2010

Maybe Hosting a Fantasy Ball League

...with prizes! The photos aren't up yet, but they will be posted eventually. I am looking to form a 10-14 team Fantasy Baseball League on Yahoo with readers of Paper Chase and other bloggers (why does spell check still pick up "bloggers", "blogosphere" and other formations of the word?) The league would be a keeper league, so you would have the same players year after year (assuming I am not swallowed up by a jokulhaup in the future).

I am thinking prized will be a something like this:

1st - Game-used card, Autograph Card, Specialty Insert/Parallel/Refractor Card
2nd - Autographed card + Favorite Player Cards
3rd - Game Used Card + Favorite Player Cards

Some cards of my own I am willing to throw into the prize package:

2009 Goodwin Champions Aramis Ramirez Jersey Card:

2009 Goodwin Champions John Lackey Jersey Card:

200? Fleer Fresh Ink Pablo Ozuna Autograph
2008 Topps Chrome Dick Perez/Sprawl*Mart Refractors
Others -
2009 Allen & Ginter James Shields Black Bordered Mini

Prize winners would more than likely receive "cleaning out" cards as well - junk wax cards of the collector/player's teams from the 80's and 90's, etc; players for personal collections and everything else.

If I find some interest, I will start a sign-up post. If you know anyone who might be interested, direct them here. If not, then I think I'll be plenty busy with my other six fantasy baseball teams this season.


  1. I just found this on someone else's blog, but I am totally interested. I'm following you now so I'll catch your updates!

  2. Awesome. If it turns out we cannot fill out a full league I should have friends interested.

  3. i'm down!! IT'S ON MOOSS!!

  4. So there's four. Let's try an get six more and we'll throw a sick league together.

    I also have the idea of everyone throwing in a real nice card, so instead of a money prize, winner walks away with a stack of sick cards.

    What do you guys think?