Jan 11, 2010

Plain Beautiful Cards: Volume 9 - 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Garrett Atkins #350

This one is great. I've been reluctant to post this one since I don't want to come off as a Rockies homer, as I am a Jays fan, 100%. But there are reasons why I collect Rockies:
  • The Players - Atkins I do not collect but will always accept, Tulowitzki has been my man since his NCAA World Series showing, Carlos Gonzalez won me over by ripping every pitch the Phillies threw him in the 2009 NLDS, Dexter Fowler makes the game look easy and straight-up embarassed the game's best 2B, Ubaldo has an average fastball of 96.1 MPH (tops among MLB Starters) and Huston Street, Ian Stewart, and soon-to-be Jhoulys Chacin are all great talents.
  • Coor's Field. Go through your cards at Coor's Field. Chances are, all the cards are sleek, and if there's a view of the fans, there's a sweet sea of purple as a backdrop.
  • The Flair for the Dramatic. The 21 for 22 win streak. Matt Holliday's header.
  • The smooooooking hot girl behind the first base dugout in 2007 playoffs (and possibly 2009). Sorry, I had to pay my respects to her.
Anyways, damn. Good lookin' Garrett Atkins card there. And yes, it was a Home Run. How could it not be in a shot like that?

How long to Spring Training?

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