Jan 15, 2010

Mail! [+ Trade Post #1!]

So Daniel from It's Like Having My Own Cardshop mentions about a week ago his love of X-Fractors, and we all know his love of Diamondbacks, so we started talking, and due to the mutual love of all things refracting, a trade was thrown down.

Best of all, it was my first throughout the blargospheroid, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased by what Daniel sent over. Here's my shiny/rainbowy half of the deal:
Mmm. Refracted Blue Jaysssss.....

In case you're wondering, I am trying to collect the ENTIRE 2008 Topps Chrome Refractors set. It's a tough task, but I've already got over 40, so I feel goof about it. Daniel thankfully knocked three off of the list, and added something that makes me very, very happy:

2007 Fleer Ultra Ultra Rookies #215 Mike Rabelo.

What a great looking card. The Orange font on the white/blue contrasting bacground is amazing. These was such a great rookie subset, just wish this is what the Lucky 13's looked like instead.

2007 Fleer Ultra Ultra Rookies #221 Jay Marshall. Who?!

The one thing I don't love about this set was the rookies selection. Jay Marshall? Kory Casto? Gustavo Molina? Seriously? There were no better players in one of the top tier farm systems in the majors? What about:
  • Andrew Bailey?
  • Carlos Gonzalez?
  • Joey Devine?
Anyways, sorry about the quick rant. Thanks a million Dan - the X-Fractory Diamondback goodness should be in sunny Arizona before long! It may have taken me a while to send 'em out but I kept checking your want/need lists for Diamondbacks you did not yet have. Take the X-Fractors outside where they can get better light than they would here in overcast, rainy, snowy Central New York.

Also, got a few cards from eBay, all for my personal collection. They include these young bucks:
2003 Bowman Chrome #BDP110

2007 Bowman Gold #BDPP61

And this established gentleman:
2002 Fleer Premium International Pride
Carlos Delgado #NNO

And they all cost less than $5, shipped. Maddy and Dusty Mc were about $2.50 for the pair and Delgado matched them.

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